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Hi Styling Friends!

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Details of our 3 classes:

For those of you who want to spruce up your closet and boost your fashion game, here are the details of our

3-session styling classes! Remember, you can join 1, 2 or all 3 classes and we have an early-bird discount as well! 
Each week you’ll bring some of your own personal wardrobe items and/or accessories to class so you’re ready to begin applying styling ideas to your own closet! 

Styling Master Class Session 1
 Explore Your Seasonal Color Palate and Print Mix 
October 6, 2021 from 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. 

  • We’ll being by exploring your seasonal color palette! When you wear your personal “power” colors your appearance comes alive and you gain that magical “glow” that makeup just can’t replicate!

  • You’ll also learn how to create striking outfits through pattern mixing and discover new outfits in your closet that you never knew you had. When pattern mixing works you can look absolutely stunning—so let’s make it work for you!  

Styling Master Class Session 2
Elevating Your Look with Jewelry and Accessories
Wednesday, October 13th 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

  • In this class you’ll discover great tips including “how to cheat” those colors you love when they don’t love you back. 

  • We’ll focus on jewelry, scarves, neckties, and more!

  • I’ll share the six outdated jewelry tips you should probably be breaking. 

  • We’ll explore classic vintage jewelry and bold, modern statement pieces that highlight your best features and brighten your look.

Styling Master Class Session 3
The Modern Woman’s Closet Staples
Wednesday, October 20th 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

  • Transform your closet into a one-stop shop! Find out what wardrobe "must haves" make getting dressed easy and yes...even fun! No more guesswork required!

  • BONUS: Find out what kind of undergarments and shapewear make you look al la chic and graceful as opposed to saggy and disproportionate.

Everything you own in your closet can be easy to interchange, mix and match.  Let's making dressing fun and seamless! And once have the closet essentials, packing for vacations and business trips will be a piece of cake too! Also, when you do shop, you'll find yourself making smarter, more intentional choices.

Have questions--call me! (323) 816-6368 or email me at:

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Take Advantage of the Early Bird Discount!
These rates are available until September 27th!

Enroll NOW!

One 90-Minute Class = $79.00 Early Bird Special = $67.15!

Two 90-Minute Classes = $149.00 Early Bird Special = $126.65

All Three 90-Minute Classes = $199.00 Early Bird Special = $169.15

Let us know which class(es) you want to attend if you're not attending all three!
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Styling Tip of the Day!

Want to look slimmer in your blue jeans? 


Go for the darker washed colors like deep indigo and black. Also, make sure the jeans end an inch or two below the ankle to elongate your body. You’ll look especially lean if you polish off your look with pointy-toe shows. Round or square-toed shows can make your legs look stumpy.

But be careful washing dark denim! They can bleed into other clothing because most dark wash denims are manufactured using heavy dyes.  

Image by Ergita Sela

A few fashion facts…

  • The word ‘jeans’ comes from the word ‘Genes’, which is the French word for the city of Genoa.

  • Denim has been around for several hundred years, but in the 1960s people began to see it as a sign of rebellion among young people. Establishments began refusing entry to people in jeans due to worries they were part of a protest.

  • It was first seen in the 16th century, but Levi Strauss was the man who popularized the material in the 1870s. He made clothes for miners and other working-class people since the material was inexpensive.

  • A grand total of 225 pairs of jeans can be made from just one bale of cotton.

Final takeaway: denim has a long history…but it’s still a great way to look casually stylish!

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